An Introduction

Fair Care Labs seeks to shape the future of the care industry and emerging care markets. Our main focus is on raising market norms and standards, partnering with the private sector, and building scalable and sustainable business ventures. 


Our Objectives


Raise Standards


Recruit domestic workers by building products, tools, or services


Organize Domestic Workers


Raise job quality and job access for domestic workers


Main Strategies


Set Fair Standards


Partner with Businesses & Individual Employers


Build our own Products & Enterprises


Issues We're Tackling

  • How can we improve job access and job quality at scale?

  • How do we engage domestic workers through product or service offerings?

  • How can we respond to tech businesses entering and aggregating the care and cleaning space

  • How can technology raise labor standards in a historically disaggregated,unregulated markets?

  • How do we raise labor standards voluntarily (without state regulation) among individual domestic employers and businesses?


Raising Standards



Fair Care Pledge


In partnership with Hand in Hand, NDWA launched the Fair Care Pledge.

The pledge consists of 3 simple standards:

Fair Pay

Paid Time Off

Clear Expectations





Good Work Code


Good Work Code is a set of guidelines on creating good work. It’s a framework that companies endorse and use to articulate current practices and announce new practices.




Building Products

FairCareLabs is committed to finding unique solutions to challenges faced by domestic workers, including building products that promote greater respect and dignity in domestic work.  Whether building an online platform to create a new, fairer work marketplace or designing tools for employers and domestic workers to use together, our goal is always to support the workers who support us each day.




Alia is mobile platform through which house cleaners can manage their schedule, communicate with clients, set preferences for automatic client notifications, collect payment, manage individual task lists, and find new work.


In-House Agreements

In-House Agreements is “Turbo-tax” for nanny contracts. An online site that allows the user to fill in a form, and create their own printable pdf contract, while providing tips/information and access to the regulations and education about the legal requirements at the same time.